You may recognize a few of our repeat customers. Visit Michael Duru Clothiers today and discover what keeps them coming back.

Love all my buds at Michael Duru Clothiers! It literally is like a trip to catch up with family more than it is to actually shop for new clothes! I have been to great clothiers in Vegas, NYC, South Beach and all in between and I can honestly say that you guys are the best! You truly want your customers to look their best and only suggest items that will ensure that and Rebecca and Michael are quick to make sure I don’t “stray” too far from what looks best on me. Attention to detail is evident. Thanks so much to all of you and thanks for always making the trip from Charlotte, NC to see you well worth it!
Mike Knight
Michael Duru is extremely knowledgeable and available to me, sometimes on very short notice. The range of fabrics he provides are from the “who’s who” of the fashion world, and of course the finished article is perfectly fitted and delivered in a timely manner. I hesitate to say that he provides the ultimate in custom tailoring as his role is well beyond that; he helps coordinate the complete look. Since meeting Michael, the compliments I have received are too numerous to mention. The greatest compliment that you can give someone is to introduce them to best friends, which I have no hesitation in doing.
Lucky Bhalla , Commercial Real Estate Developer
Michael Duru provides personal service and spectacular fit. His discerning eye helps every client look his best, even for a person with a less than ideal body type. He constantly finds the finest fabrics and accessories, and puts together a complete wardrobe that makes people appreciate, in a completely unobtrusive way, that a Duru client cares about the way he looks and always looks his best. He may start as your tailor but he winds up being your friend and his wit and easy smile makes him a welcome addition to any gathering.
Alvin Brown , Retired Major Manhattan Law Firm Partner