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userWe are a third generation family business that offers unparalleled service. We have an old-world know-how with a clear eye on tomorrow’s styles.  Our vision was born when our father won an international tailoring competition in the 70’s and was offered a position with the famed Hickey Freeman Clothing House.

Made to Measure Clothing

pinYour style. Made-to-Measure. Why settle for off-the-rack style when made-to-measure is within reach? At Michael Duru Clothiers, made-to-measure suiting starts at less than $900 which means you can leave store-bought style behind. We understand that you’re busy, which is why we believe in the power of expertise.

Wardrobe Audit

thumb_upWhat’s in your closet? Individual pieces or a complete, functioning wardrobe? Stylish statements or yesterday’s fashions? If you don’t know, don’t fret. Our start-to-finish wardrobe audit is free, and provides a full review of every item in your closet. From suits to socks, we’ll give you honest advice to keep your style fresh and elegant.

The Right Fit at Michael Duru Clothiers

The Right Fit at Michael Duru Clothiers from Jeffrey Clapp on Vimeo.

Michael Duru provides personal service and spectacular fit. His discerning eye helps every client look his best, even for a person with a less than ideal body type. He constantly finds the finest fabrics and accessories, and puts together a complete wardrobe that makes people appreciate, in a completely unobtrusive way, that a Duru client cares about the way he looks and always looks his best. He may start as your tailor but he winds up being your friend and his wit and easy smile makes him a welcome addition to any gathering.

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